Cleveland Photographic Society

School of Photography

Become a better photographer — let our classes show you how!

Welcome to the Cleveland Photographic Society’s School of Photography! Located in Broadview Heights, Ohio, CPS has been teaching the fundamentals of good photography for over 100 years. Our classes cover the basics – from learning how to use your camera and compose a good photo – all the way to advanced photo editing for that polished result!


Why choose our School of Photography?

In-person and virtual instruction

Whether you prefer in-person instruction or the convenience of remote learning, CPS has you covered!

Detailed class notes

Each class provides hundreds of pages of prepared class notes and references that are yours to keep!

Personalized attention

Class topics are augmented with one-on-one help to answer your questions. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from a variety of experts with decades of experience!

Unlimited return policy

Once enrolled in a CPS course, you are a “Student for Life” in that course – join us for future sessions of that course without needing to pay for it again!

Free CPS membership

All new students receive 2 or 4 months of complimentary CPS membership depending on the course they choose. As a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society, you can attend club meetings, participate in competitions, and so much more!

Course Catalog

Fundamentals of Good Photography

Every great photographer started with the fundamentals! This course is the first in our suggested coursework, where we’ll cover everything you need to get started with your camera and the basics of taking great photos.

Introduction to Photoshop Photo Editing

Nearly every photo can benefit from a bit of editing, whether it’s something as simple as a crop or as elaborate as replacing entire elements. Our introductory Photoshop course will help you get started with Adobe’s Photoshop CC software.

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic offers powerful tools in organization, photo editing and sharing your images. Using the Library, Develop, Slideshow and Print modules, you’ll learn how to make the most of any photo.

Intermediate Photoshop Editing

Our Intermediate Photoshop Editing course is our most advanced offering in the School of Photography. Take your photos and creativity to new heights by unlocking even more of what Adobe Photoshop has to offer.

Questions? Send us a note!

Course fees must be paid in full by the first class. Partial payments cannot be accepted. Registration in the Fundamentals and Editing classes includes a 4 month membership in the Cleveland Photographic Society. Registration in the Lightroom class includes a 2 month membership. Cleveland Photographic Society is a not for profit corporation and the purpose of these classes is to increase the understanding, interest and enjoyment of photography.

All photo courses are held at the Society’s ADA-friendly full-time clubroom: 9543 Broadview Rd, Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147.