Cleveland Photographic Society maintains an active mentoring program for members. Club members volunteer their time and expertise for 10-12 weeks. Twice a year, CPS has a Meet Your Mentor night, where each mentor shares their plan and some of their work.

After the program, registration opens, and the form is emailed to make your request along with two alternates. Mentees are assigned to mentors once the deadline is passed. Mentors determine time, place and subject, and will guide the mentee to making better photos and the skills needed to get there.

Sample Images from Past Mentees

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a mentor?

Beginning at 9pm on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 you can submit your request. If you submit earlier, your request will be rejected. All requests must be received by submitting the form reached by the botton at the bottom of this page no later than 9pm on Sunday, April 7, 2024.

Instructions for submitting your request can be accessed using the button at the bottom of this page as well.

The information on the request form must be complete. One request form per email. Your request must be made by you, from your own email address.

How do I find out who my mentor is?

You will be contacted directly by your mentor. How they contact you is up to the mentor: it may be by phone, email, or text. All communications about where, when and shoot details will come from the mentor.

What happens once I am assigned a mentor?

Once assignments are made, your mentor will contact you. No changes will be made once mentors are notified of their mentees. Pay special attention to your chosen mentor’s availability and how it coincides with yours.

CPS asks that each mentee carry the following

An envelope with your name and the name of an emergency contact with their phone number on the outside of the envelope. This should be with you-not in your car- at all times during a mentoring session. Inside of the sealed envelope, the following information should be on a sheet of paper.

a. Full name and address with emergency contact and phone number
b. Medical Conditions, prescription drugs, and allergies
c. Insurance info if you have it, copies of cards are excellent.

In case of emergency, this sealed envelope will be handed to EMS personnel. No one else will see it.