We at Cleveland Photographic Society pride ourselves on hosting speakers to educate and delight throughout the year. Our presenters vary in their inspiration from dance photography, conservation photography, portraits, star trails and so much more. Join us at the clubhouse to experience these unique presentations, whether given in-person or virtually.

Speaker Events

Please visit our calendar to view scheduled speakers. Presentations may be given in-person at our clubhouse or virtually via Zoom. When possible, we encourage you to join us at the clubhouse to enjoy popcorn and good company!

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Recordings will also be made available when permitted. All current CPS members have access to our library of recorded presentations dating back to 2020.

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Featured Past Speakers

Mike Moats


Presentation (5/5/23): “Is Your Flower Photography Boring, Let Me Help”

Are you feeling like your flower photography is lacking something and is boring. There are many different styles and ways to create better flower images that will stand out. This will be an in-depth session on creating unique and interesting flower images.

Recording status: Available for current CPS members.

Lewis Katz


Presentation (1/27/23): “Perspective and Perception: The Myth of Style”

This presentation delves into the subject of how we, as photographers, perceive the composition in our viewfinder and how by altering our perspective, even slightly, the image will become more emotional, dramatic, and powerful, both to the viewer as well as the photographer. Minor White was once quoted as saying “Every image is a self-portrait.” I believe that to be true, especially in cases of the photographer having a strong emotional connection to the subject. However, this shift in perspective is quite different from developing your own personal “style” of photography. In this presentation, I will discuss and demonstrate the myth of style and how searching for it is actually hindering your own creative process.

Recording status: Available for current CPS members.

Kathleen Clemons


Presentation (10/21/22): “The Art of Flower Portraiture”

Kathleen sees her flower photographs as portraits and she will share the equipment and methods she uses to create them. Topics include lens choice, lighting, subject selection, focus issues, aperture choices, selecting a background, and how to simplify a subject to truly capture its natural beauty.

Recording status: Available for current CPS members.

Joe Edelman


Presentation (10/28/22): “Portrait Photography: Learn to shoot portraits like a PRO”

Joe will share his approach to building a relationship with his subjects to put them at ease and then using his KISS IT (Keep It Super Simple) techniques, he will show how to create flattering portraits with simple lighting and posing techniques. He will cover everything from camera and lens selection, depth of field, camera angles, composition, posing, lighting and backgrounds.

Recording status: Available for current CPS members.