Developing a personal style is not copying someone else’s style. Developing a personal style is finding who you are and making your work be the extension of your personality.

Do not be reluctant to try it… to explore your own style, whether just developing or emerging as you gain more experience and confidence in your personal photographic style.

On Open Critique nights, which the club will hold four times a year, you can submit up to 3 images in your style. These are to be emailed to The images do not have to be resized and can be sent one image to an email if they are large sized. On the Critique Night, when your image is on the screen, we are able to make any changes that are suggested in real time while your image is being displayed so that you can see what the suggestions look like.

It’s a fun night without pressure or stress! This is not a competition.

Our next Critique Night is August 23, 2024. Email your pictures today!