The Cleveland Photographic Society bestows annual awards in recognition of past members who have played a vital role in shaping the history of the organization.

Winning images are selected as part of the Year-End competition based on the specific criteria outlined below. These images are awarded a Gold Ribbon and displayed in the club room for the entire next Club Year.

Henry Mayer Award

Henry taught an Industrial Photography class for the CPS School. He became known as “The Dean of Nature” because of his interest in nature photography. His work still graces Emerald Necklace publications and some of his prints are part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. He was recognized as a Fellow of the Photographic Society of America (FPSA) for achievements in teaching, judging and publishing to further the art of photography.

The Henry Mayer Award is for
The Best Nature Image in Projected Competition

Trio of Poppies - Vicki Wert

Trio of Poppies (crop) – Vicki Wert
Henry Mayer Award Winner 2021

John C. Moddejonge Award

John was the CPS School Director for 40 years, Color Slide Chairman from 1941- 1969, Trustee on the Board for many years and Print Director in charge of traveling shows. John also gave lectures throughout the USA and judged at PSA Salons, where he was known as “Mr. CPS.”

The John C. Moddejonge Award is for
The Best Color Scenic in Pictorial Competition

Storm Watch - Jackie Sajewski

Storm Watch (crop) – Jackie Sajewski
John C. Moddejonge Award Winner 2021

William “Bill” Meyer Award

Bill wore many different hats at CPS throughout his 40 years with the organization. He was President, Print Chair, School Director, Instructor and Co- founder of the Northeast Ohio Camera Club Organization. He was a Master Craftsman in Black and White photography. He was a May Show and Jewish Community Center Show Exhibitor known for his Bromoils, a mentor, and a photographer always willing to share his expertise.

The William Meyer Award is for
Best Scenic Nature Image in Black & White Competition

Epic Sculpturing - Bob Kowaleski

Epic Sculpting (crop) – Bob Kowaleski
William “Bill” Meyer Award Winner 2021

Ruth Morrison Award

Ruth was President of CPS six times between 1965 – 1988. She also acted as a CPS Board Member, CPS School Instructor, and Chair: Nature & Pictorial Competitions. Founder and teacher of the CPS School of Judging, she also found time to belong to the NEOCC Council, and was Head of the Council for 2 years. Ruth was an avid nature photographer and dogged in her insistence that any images entered in the Nature Division have no hint of the “hand of man”. Ruth was generous in sharing her methods and often took new members under her wing to encourage them in the art of photography. Her award reflects her insistence on no “hand of man”, including photographs taken in zoos or any artificial setting.

The Ruth Morrison Award is for
Best Authentic Nature Image

Nature - 002 - Morrison - DA047-Zinnias - Dave Ciborek

Zinnias (crop) – Dave Ciborek
Ruth Morrison Award Winner 2021

The “Charlie” Award

Charlie Cervenak was a judge for countless competitions at CPS over a period covering at least 15 years. Although a club member for only a year before his untimely passing, in his brief tenure he became a Board Member and the driving force behind the “Basic Digital Photography Class”. An avid eagle watcher, Charlie would rise every Wednesday morning at 4:00 a.m. to check the nests to which he was assigned during the periods of mating, egg sitting and nurturing of the young eaglets. He was full of life, funny, creative, and made all feel a part of his family with his photos and stories of his grandson, Max.

The “Charlie” Award is for
Best image in People Competition


Beautiful Belle (crop) – Fran Morino
The “Charlie” Award Winner 2021

Charles Caseau Award

Charles’ interest in photography began in the late 1950’s when he bought his first 35mm camera. He began to compete in the Cleveland camera club circuit in the late 60’s and quickly became a winner. His interests spanned a gamut of subjects, from nature to all forms of pictorial, including his particular love of creativity – getting away from typical perspectives on any subject. He used a variety of formats, from 35mm slides to large format black and white and color.He developed and printed both black & white and color, and got involved with computer creations, using Adobe programs. Many photographic clubs in the Cleveland area enjoyed his judging of competitions, and welcomed his comments and suggestions.

The Charles Caseau Award is for
Best Creative Image Through Computer Processing


Youth Baseball (crop) – Mike Kopkas
Charles Caseau Award Winner 2021

Berthold Klein Award

Bert Klein was a member of CPS for almost 50 years. During that time, he served the club in almost every role imaginable: President, School Instructor,School Director for 35 years – and general ‘handyman’ who could fix almost anything. Many credit Bert with saving the Club when it was on the verge of disbanding, and helping to set us on a course to the success we enjoy today. He was also a regular judge on the local camera club circuit, freely sharing his insights and keen eye for composition with the photographic community. While his knowledge of photography and camera equipment was encyclopedic, in his later years he turned almost exclusively to sharing images of his beloved pets and other animals.

The Berthold Klein Award is for
Best Pet or Domesticated Animal Image in Pictorial Competition

Pictorial Print - 002 - Bert - OA013-Birthday Boy - Barb Cerrito

Birthday Boy (crop) – Barb Cerrito
Berthold Klein Award Winner 2021