Spring 2024 CPS Mentee Sign Up 

Registration is now underway for the Spring 2024 Mentoring Round. The program will run through June 30, 2024 at the discretion of your mentor. 

Registration closes on Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 9pm. There will be no requests accepted after that date and time. 

You must register using the form at Mentor Request You must be signed in and an active member to reach the sign up form.

Your form must include the following information. Incomplete registrations may be rejected- 

  1. Name, Phone, email and level of experience- beginner, intermediate, advanced.
  2. You must state that you a current CPS member
  3. You must state that you have taken Fundamentals of Photography or have comparable education or experience. This program is meant to compliment, not replace the courses offer by CPS. 
  4. The name of your preferred mentor and up to two alternates.
  5. State that you agree to the Mentee Responsibilities below. 

  Responsibilities of a Mentee 

You agree to respect of the time and experience of your mentor. The mentors have volunteered to take you under their wing and guidance, share their experience and knowledge.  

When your mentor sets up a meeting time and place, once you rsvp, BE THERE at the AGREED TIME! If you cannot, due to unforeseen circumstances, give them the courtesy of a minimum of 24-48 hours’ notice by phone or text. Do not leave them waiting. A last minute emergency warrants a last minute phone call or text! 

No children, other family members or friends can be present at a mentoring session.  

Please be prepared. Bring what you need with you, it does you no good at home or in your car. Learn how to access basic controls for aperture, shutter speed and ISO ahead of time.  

Be prepared to carry your gear. No one is going to carry it for you. 

Wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Weather is not an excuse to stay home unless the mentor cancels. 


You must state that you agree to the Mentee Responsibilities listed above. Not agreeing to that in your form will result in rejection of your request. 

Again, your online form filled out with your request and the above stated information must be submitted no later than 9pm, on Sunday, April 7, 2024.  

Address any questions to

Bev Kenworthy, 440-263-5939 or bevinohio@gmail.com


Catherine Kenngott, 330-990-2230, or  catkenngo@gmail.com