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Winter, 2022 – Intermediate Photoshop Photo Editing

Intermediate Photoshop Classes are only being offered in the Winter session starting sometime in January


Course Content:

- Adobe Camera Raw workspace and settings, how to make adjustments using tools and panels, plus workflow demonstrations, merging to HDR and merging to Panorama

- Making advanced selections using Select Subject, Select and Mask, Color Range, and Focus Area, plus a bonus or two

- Explore more advanced uses of Layers, Layer Masks, and Blend Modes

- Introduction to Channels

- Gain an in-depth understanding of tonal and color adjustment tools - Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, and Color Balance

- Learn about the uses of Filters, including the Adaptive Wide Angle filter, Blur filters, Filter Gallery, Sharpening options, Noise Reduction, and Camera Raw Filter

- Learn about the benefits of using Smart Objects and Smart Filters

- Introduction to Actions

- Advanced blending options using Blend-If, and an introduction to Luminosity Masks created by using the Color Range tool

- Complete a landscape workflow using techniques learned in previous sessions plus Nik filters

- Complete a portrait workflow

- Learn the principles of the art of Photoshop compositing, creating photorealistic composites using various tools

- Learn techniques for color matching when creating composites

Course materials include hundreds of pages of detailed notes
with step-by-step instructions and numerous visuals
as well as all the photos used in class

Previous experience with Photoshop digital editing is required. Participants must have a working knowledge of the concepts taught in the Introduction to Photoshop Photo Editing course, including but not limited to layers and masks.

Click here for the 2022 Course brochure in Adobe PDF format

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Course fees must be paid in full by the first class. Partial payments cannot be accepted. Registration includes a 4 month membership in the Cleveland Photographic Society. Refunds for withdrawal will be honored if they are requested by notifying the school director during the first week of class. A withdrawal fee of $10.00 will be deducted from the refund. The refunding process usually takes three to four weeks. Cleveland Photographic Society is a not for profit corporation and the purpose of these classes is to increase the understanding, interest and enjoyment of photography

March 25
4:30 PM
Great Blue Heron Rookery - Informal Field Trip
March 27
7:30 PM
Lightroom Classic - Library Module
March 31
Deadline for End of Year Digital Submissions
March 31
7:30 PM
Critique Night
April 3
7:30 PM
Lightroom Classic - Develop - Global Edits

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