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Introduction to Photoshop
Photo Editing

Take your photos to new heights with Photoshop! Our Introduction to Photoshop Photo Editing course provides a comprehensive introduction to photo editing using the Adobe Photoshop CC software. Over ten sessions, we'll teach a beginning-to-end workflow that will help you work confidently and efficiently. Learn how to improve any photo, save a problem photo, and turn a merely “good” photo into a prize winner! Course materials include a digital download of over 400 pages of notes and example images.

This course is targeted for novice to intermediate-level students.

Class Topics

  • Sort and organize your photos with Adobe Bridge
  • Learn the Camera Raw Editor - for both RAW files and JPG
  • Balance exposure and color
  • Use layers, layer masks and blend modes
  • Edit a portion of your image with selections
  • Crop and resize your image
  • Add and remove elements from your image
  • Combine and merge photos
  • Retouch for professional-looking results
  • And so much more!

Student Image Review

At the end of the course, we'll invite you to share two of your own images for an instructor-led review. This is the best way to gain feedback in a positive, constructive way!


The Photoshop CC software is not included in course fees and must be purchased separately from Please ensure that Photoshop CC can be installed and launched on your computer prior to class starting.

This course is not intended for Photoshop Elements.

Prior experience with digital photo editing is not necessary. Basic computer skills will significantly enhance your ability to learn. PC and Mac users are both welcome.

This course is geared toward editing photos captured in a DSLR or mirrorless camera. While smartphone photos can be edited in Photoshop, we do not cover working with these images.

Class Attendance

Classes are offered both in-person and virtually. Our clubroom is located in Broadview Heights, Ohio. For those who prefer to attend remotely, livestream information will also be provided. Additionally, each class is recorded and can be viewed on your own schedule.

Due to the amount of material covered, we do not expect students to follow along with our examples as we teach. Instead, we suggest that you watch and take notes, then practice the exercises as needed between classes. We will not be able to pause the class for students to catch up.

As a student of the Cleveland Photographic Society's School of Photography, you will become a Student for Life in the Introduction to Photoshop Photo Editing course. Click here for more information on becoming a returning student.


Due to the nature of digital media, refunds cannot be offered once the course materials are provided shortly ahead of the class start date.

Course Schedule

Winter 2023

10 weeks
Jan 7 - Mar 11
10:00am - 12:30pm

Spring 2023

10 weeks
Apr 5 - Jun 7
7:30pm - 10:00pm

Fall 2023

5 weeks
Sep 9 - Oct 7
10:00am - 4:00pm

Enroll Now

The new student fee for this course is $190.

Course fees must be paid in full by the first class. Partial payments cannot be accepted. Registration in the Fundamentals and Editing classes includes a 4 month membership in the Cleveland Photographic Society. Registration in the Lightroom class includes a 2 month membership. Cleveland Photographic Society is a not for profit corporation and the purpose of these classes is to increase the understanding, interest and enjoyment of photography.

All photo courses are held at the Society's ADA-friendly full-time clubroom: 9543 Broadview Rd, Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147. For further information please contact us at:

June 2
Zoom Presentation - Lisa Cuchara - Creativity is Contagious - Clubhouse will be open
June 3
6:30 AM
Mansfield Reformatory Field Trip - Registration Closed
June 4
10:00 AM
In Club Workshop with Lisa and Tom Cuchara, Creativity is Contagious
June 7
7:30 PM
Photoshop Editing - Student Image Review
June 9
Photographing places of Worship zoom event clubhouse will be open

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