Up CIM Exhibition Images 01 2015 Slideshow

Peaceful Contemplation - Judy Allen
Along Rocky River - Russell Whittemore
Grounded - Art Biagianti
In Profile - Lori Roach
Stone Bridge at Calvary Cemetery - Cynthia Goldman
The Weeping Rock Goddess - Dan Sandy
Holiday Cleveland Style - Judy Allen
All We See Are Reflections - Brian ORiordan
Church Windows - Maria Kaiser
Cleveland Trust Rotunda - Darlene Beiter
Forever Green - martin shook
Hale Farm Barn Window - Nancy Balluck
Old Stone Church - Abe Wolf
Camera Tour - Steven Lucsik
Early Tee Time - Frank Shoemaker
Jill and Grace - Nancy Balluck
Reflection - Mark Bassett
Remembering - Betsy Janda
Stranger Street Portrait 97 Kirk - Chris Camino
Common Green Darner - Jeffrey Gibson
Hawk Hunting - Debbie Nelson
Leaf Me Alone - Jerry Hilinski
Softly Now - Lori Roach
Trout Lily - Donna Schneider
Wet Petals - Sue Ford
Dancing Away - Anita Orenick
IRS Collection - Steven Lucsik
Lost In Sound - Lori Roach
No Treble - Shelly Schultz (formerly Hansel)
Six String - Lee Groscost
Verb 050114 - Rob Erick
Blue Nite - Edward Frierson
Cleveland Blast Furnace - Chris Camino
Hunters Moon Over Cleveland - Barb Cerrito
Moonlight and Clouds - Richard Kopchock
Night Falls on Erie Shore - Mike Kopkas
Garfield Monument Staircase - Ron Werman
Meet Me At Pickwicks - Jackie Sajewski
Ready for Launch, Stairwell, Cleveland Public Library - Debra Rozin
Severance Hall Box View - Susan Bestul
Snow Storm - Betsy Janda
Surreal Staircase - Robert Boyle

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