Up 2012 Battle of Ohio - Camera Club of Cincinnati and Cleveland Photographic Society Slideshow

23 Inches - Dan Wheeler of CCOC
A Little Bit of Heaven - Dan Zeis of CCOC
A Rose By Any Other Name - Erik Pickering of CPS
A View Inside the Slot Canyon - Hubert Ho of CPS - H.M.
Agile - Daniel Le Hoty of CPS - 3rd Place
American West - Joanne Damian of CPS - 2nd Place
Antelope Canyon - Anna Tymczak of CPS - H.M.
Antelope Sands - Ken Latman of CPS - H.M.
Anya - Paul Lauber of CCOC
Ault Park - Charette Nelson of CCOC - H.M.
Badlands at Sunset - Charles Irsak of CPS
Blue Morning - Bel Martins-Vaccaro of CPS
Box Canyon Falls - Zach  Bright of CPS - 3rd Place
Brian - Darlene Beiter of CPS
Brittany - Dan Zeis of CCOC
Bugged - Alan Zelina of CPS - 2nd Place
Cadescove - Charette Nelson of CCOC - 3rd Place
Cadescove Tree - Charette Nelson of CCOC
Cage Fight - Daniel Le Hoty of CPS
Cajun Fiddler - Tom Rielage of CCOC
Candle Ikebana - Ethan Parker of CCOC
Carmen - Dan Zeis of CCOC
Carnival - Ron Wilson of CCOC
Chair - Tom Rielage of CCOC - H.M.
Christmas Tree - Charette Nelson of CCOC
Cleveland Reflected - Matthew Kuhns of CPS - 3rd Place
Cold Morning - Tom Rielage of CCOC
Contemplations at Ruby - Ken Latman of CPS - H.M.
Dahlia  - Rick Wetterau of CPS
Dancer - Paul Lauber of CCOC - H.M.
Descent to CVG - Tom Rielage of CCOC - H.M.
Discovery's Last Night on Pad 39A - Chris Lynch of CPS - H.M.
Drink of Water - Charette Nelson of CCOC
Early Morning at Wolf Creek - Michele Wulff of CPS
Egret Colors - Steve  Lucsik of CPS - H.M.
Fist - Dan Wheeler of CCOC
Flamingo Double - Elizabeth  Barker of CPS - H.M.
Flow - Zach  Bright of CPS - H.M.
Foggy Hale Farm Morning - Daniel Kozminski of CPS - 2nd Place
Foggy Morning Run - Debbie DiCarlo of CPS
Foggy Morning Sun Rays - Jerry Jelinek of CPS - H.M.
Foraging Egret - Mary Rynes of CPS
Frosty Reflections - Jackie Sajewski of CPS
Girl BW - Amy Fisher of CCOC
Great Egret - Harry Kaulfersch of CPS - H.M.
Horse Drive 3522 - Ron Wilson of CPS - 1st Place
Horse Driver 06123 - Ron Wilson of CCOC
Houseboat - Charette Nelson of CCOC
Improving Ohio Skies - Joe Polevoi of CPS
Jaxson - Paul Lauber of CCOC - H.M.
Light Up - Ron Wilson of CCOC
Lonesome - Tom Rielage of CCOC
Marine Iguana - Vicki Wert of CPS
Megan - John Earl Brown of CPS
Morning Tea - Ron Wilson of CCOC
Movement in Red 0052 - Ron Wilson of CPS - H.M.
Mule Ride - Bel Martins-Vaccaro of CPS
Natural Order 2 - Tom Rielage of CCOC
Night Watchman - Ethan Parker of CCOC
No Title - Melissa Mendise of CPS - H.M.
Over the Moon - Alan Lloyd of CCOC - H.M.
Petrified Fire - Sara Bright of CPS - H.M.
Potter - Paul Lauber of CCOC
Quiet Afternoon - Phyllis Taylor of CCOC
Raku Pot - Ethan Parker of CCOC
Roebling Bridge - Frank Kammerer of CCOC
Spirit Light - Dan Zeis of CCOC
Star Clipper - Alan Lloyd of CCOC
The Barrel Racer - Ron Wilson of CCOC - H.M.
The Conversation - John Earl Brown of CPS - H.M.
The Kiss - Kathleen Nelson of CPS
The Leap - Ron Wilson of CCOC - H.M.
The Storm - Sara Bright of CPS - H.M.
Together - Michael McKay of CCOC
Toll Bridge - Ethan Parker of CCOC
Tough Decisions - Michael McKay of CCOC
Water Skier - Alan Lloyd of CCOC - H.M.
White Sands Sunset - Donna Schneider of CPS - H.M.
White Spotted Jellyfish - Kenneth Charek of CPS
Working In India - Susan Onysko of CPS

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