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The Darkroom Door is the AWARD-WINNING* CPS newsletter, providing a variety of news and information and acting as an historical record of Club events. Reporters, story ideas and comments are always welcome. Contact our Editor to volunteer or leave a comment : for the Newsletter Editor

Darkroom Door Spring 2018- issued October, 2018

* The Darkroom Door has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Best Newsletter - Large Club category by the Photographic Society of America for 2009-10. PSA judges also honored the Darkroom Door by presenting the Award for Best Layout. CONGRATULATIONS to the Editorial Team!

Archived Issues

CPS has a long and storied history, dating back to the Club's founding in 1887 (before even Eastman Kodak was formed!). Through the tireless efforts of past club officers and Lisa Adcock, the current Club Historian, we are very fortunate to have a continuing record of the Club's activities and events through past issues of the Darkroom Door. Currently, back issues are available for viewing online which date back to 2005 - but soon we plan to provide digital copies dating back to the 1960s and perhaps earlier. Watch this space for updates!

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CPS History

To help you better understand CPS in its current version and where we came from, we are very pleased to provide copies of two books that document our history from inception up until outr 125th Anniversary in 2012. Both books are available for download or online viewing.

- Published in 1987 and now available in digital form, the book 'CPS History - The First 100 Years' provides an opportunity for you to learn about the early days of the Club, as well as the role that CPS has played both locally and nationally in the development of photography as a hobby and as an artform.

CPS History - The First 100 Years

- Published in 2012 to celebrate our 125th Anniversary, 'CPS - 25 Years Beyond a Century' picks up where the first book left off, covering more recent history and accomplishments during the club's explosive growth period, which continues to the present day.

CPS - 25 Years Beyond a Century

January 18
In Your Style
January 19
10:00 AM
Photoshop Editing Class - Layers
January 23
7:30 PM
Fundamentals Class - Composition & Tripods
January 25
Cabin Fever Party
January 26
10:00 AM
Photoshop Editing Class - Blend Modes and Layer Masks

The mission of the Cleveland Photographic Society is to promote and advance the understanding, passion and joy of photography by providing opportunities for education, skill development, picture-taking, competition, critique and fellowship.

CPS is a founding member of the
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