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CPS Member John Earl Brown passed away during the evening of July 17, 2018 after a long illness. John Earl was a photographer’s photographer, voracious in his quest for learning and a font of knowledge for anyone lucky enough to listen. An incredibly accomplished studio photographer whose use of light was an art form unto itself, John Earl also challenged himself with various projects, many of which would be considered ‘outside the box’ by many, but all of which led to new forms of artistic expression from which we all could learn. John Earl was slated to become CPS President in 2017-18, but his diagnosis prevented him from filling that role. As recently as July 6th, he worked with Kolman Rosenberg to research and present the three contemporary photographers showcased in our revived ‘Shoot in the Style’ program, designed to encourage members to explore different genres of photography and grow in their art.

An obituary ran in the Sunday, July 22 Plain Dealer, but no services will be held and no donations are suggested, per his wishes. Godspeed, John Earl. We wish you peace.

To see examples of John Earl's work, click on the links below.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the links include content which some may consider graphic and unsuitable for minors. John Earl's photography pushed boundaries, but that was part of his creative muse. We hope you'll view his images from that standpoint and push your personal biases aside for a moment - because that's exactly what he wanted his viewers to do.

Facebook – John Earl's Facebook page - images suitable for all audiences

WKYC News Story – For the past several years, John Earl worked on a large scale photo and video project with a local woman who had multiple identities. Although John Earl is not mentioned in the story for legal reasons, his photographs act as a background to the entire story.

Video – View a video that was produced by John Earl and Barb Pennington, with original music by CPS member George Sipl. As a part of the CPS Community Service program, John Earl and Barb documented their visit to the Amputee Coalition of America's Youth Camp. This video showcases their extraordinary images.

Instagram – John Earl's Instagram page - some images contain semi-nudity

Website – John Earl's Website - contains material that some might consider objectionable.

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